5 Tips For Dating During The Quarantine That No Body Will Confess Its To You

The confinement put a serious and unexpected brake on all our projects. With the emergence of the first cases in the world, we began to stay at home and trade our social lives for Netflix. However, now more than ever, we see how important it is to stay in touch with each other – including in our romantic life. Whether you’re stuck at home with another person, single and lonely, or you’ve just started seeing someone new, here are some tips for winning the dating game during Corona.

5) Take Your Time … It’s A Marathon Not A Sprint

Until a few weeks ago, we could hang out with someone on ”happn” and meet them in person the next day. In this period of confinement, things are moving a little more slowly. Use this extra time to really get to know your potential suitors. Those pre-date conversations could evolve over the next few weeks and show you who you really want to hang out with in your life after all that time at home.

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