16 Of Your Stars That You Will Be Shocked After Knowing Their Married Partners And How They Get Engaged

Celebrities fascinate us, make us dream which we wish to admire them, to spot with them, so once they get into a relationship, our curiosity is sharpened which we ask ourselves many questions. Who is that the lucky one? what’s he doing in life? How did they meet? How long have they been together? Indeed, we absolutely want to understand everything about them, from their relationships to their family life. due to us, prepare to urge your favorite stars in their privacy! lookout, some couples will surprise you …

16-Will Smith & Jada Pinkett Smith

Will Smith had his great love in the late 90s. More precisely in 1997 when he married Jada Pinkett, also an actress. But with the continued glory of her husband, Jada decided to quit making movies and enjoy her family.

The couple have 3 children: Trey, Jaden and Willow. The oldest is not well known, but the other two are. But, life hasn’t been so rosy for Will, as it looks like there’s been water in the gas with his wife Jada for some time. We only hope that the couple can put an end to all this quickly.